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bring 与 put的区别就是一个是煮观一个是客观的。 例如:You bring an end to this disaste. The war put an end to this disaster. bring an end to有表示“使动意义,使....结束” put an end to仅表结束。

put an end to 1. 结束,使终止2. 消灭,毁掉;废除,除去;杀死 例句: Her sudden arrival put an end to their meeting. 她的突然来到使他们的会议终止了。

这两个词组都是一个意思 只是sth的位置不同 例如 Puting a gun to your head ould put an end to your life. 也可以是 Puting a gun to your head ould put your life to an end.

bring an end to sth =put an end to sth 结束某事 这两个短语可以互相替换,意思相同。例如: Let's put an end to the meeting at eight o'clock. =Let's bring an end to the meeting at eight o'clock. 让我们八点钟结束会议吧。

put an end to 英[put æn end tu:] 美[pʊt ən ɛnd tu] v. 杜绝; 结束,终止; 消弭; 废止; [例句]The time has come to put an end to the conflict 结束冲突的时候到了。

下议院通过的那一点微薄的赐资根本无从解决他经济上的困难。 The supplementary measures to put an end to arbitrary price hikes 制止乱涨价的配套措施 To put an end to the old China's Backward state of poverty and ignorance 改变了旧中...

一般上没有区别,写作文建议你用put an end to 这样容易得高分。put an end to 是及物动词 被动可以用terminate ,end及物和不及物都能用{所以偷偷告诉你,如果单选两个都出现,就选end 万能的内个

Put an end to waste on campus Nowadays wasting is common on campus. Water, electricity, paper and food are habitually wasted among many students, which, worse still, some of them consider acceptable. If every student wastes a ...

让我们结束(某事)吧 put an end to sth 固定搭配,表示结束某事


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