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pAnDA EAts BAmBoo还是BAmBoos

2 Jack plays football, but he doesn't play basketball .

I am called the panda, is country extremely protect animals. I is small, fat, the cry young pig is likely same. Now, I might different before. I have the cyclic body to drive, gloss light superficial knowledge. What kind, is ve...

您好! 应该说The favorite food of panda is bamboo. 如果一定要说A panda 那么说 A panda's favorite food is bamboo. 是用is 还是用are 和前后没有关系,只要be 动词修饰的名词是单数就用is ,修饰复数就用are。 bamboo在这里表示一类(食物)...

B 什么 问物用what 熊猫在吃什么?


The giant panda ,belonging to carnivore,is a kind of mammals,its body color is black and white. 绝对人工翻译

你们不要骗小孩== a panda likes bamboos/pandas like bamboos

The panda is eating the bamboo`

pandas are on the living of bamboos and leaves.

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