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oh my friend 哦,我的朋友

Here With You

here with you

试试看是不是这一首。here with you

歌曲: Oh My Friend 歌手: 苍宇 苍宇 - Oh My Friend 人生是一条风雨相伴的路 学着成长时难免愤世错误 偶尔有点累 也曾让日子虚度 可总得向前 用疲惫的脚步 再冷的现实也不愿让心变冷酷 学会放弃时有些吻希望能留住 有时只想有个人可以倾诉 哭着...

Here With You


这首歌是asher book的here with you。 歌词是:To all my friends The night is young The music's loud They playing our song Nowhere else that I belong Than here with you... Than here with you Oh oh oh oh oh oh Ain't felt this good ...

here with you...?

《Trouble Is A Friend》中文翻译为 《麻烦是老友》 Trouble will find you no mater where you go, oh oh. 无论你走到哪里,别想逃脱麻烦的追踪 No Matter if you're fast no matter if you're slow, oh oh 你踯躅不前也好,你健步如飞也罢 The e...

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