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My Home Hello,today I want to show you around my home.My home is in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province. There are many buildings, flowers, grass and trees there. It's very beautiful. There are lots of shopping malls in Nanjing. You can find

My home I am living on the 10th floor of a tower building with my wife and daughtr.It is anewly-built block of flats with 22 stories altogether in the north of the city . We have three big living-room.One kitchen and two bathrooms,The size is

Great changes taken place in my hometown.A few year ago,there were few buildings which were shabby and bare with grassland covered its walls. Nowhere could people go for relaxing since amusement places were exceedingly rare. But now, with

My home in a beautiful house, my house is the area on the seven floor, there are four bright room, two large living room, my spacious room next to my own bathroom, kitchen, living room in the downstairs, there is a beautiful garden, the garden have

Welcome to my home!This way please!Look!There is a big and beautiful room in my home.That's my room. there is a football under the chair,a baskerball on the bed.My things are over where!I don't like clean my room!I have a pet cat,look,she is in

My Home There are two bedrooms one bathroom a computer and a reading room .I always study at reading room at night .I love studying English very much there are many English books in my room.When I am tired .I will go to the bedroom to sleep.

你好!I have a happy family. There are four people in my family. My father, my mother, my brother and I. My father is a doctor, my mother is a teacher, my brother and I are students. My parents love us very much, and my brother and I aslo love them.

My room is very tidy.我的房间很整洁.My model cars and planes are on the shelf above his bed.我的的汽车模型和飞机模型在他床上面的架子上.My clothes,socks and caps are in the drawer.My pens and pencils are in her school bag.我的手机储存空间不够的衣服,袜子和帽子在抽屉里.我的钢笔和铅笔在她的书包里.

My dream Everyone has his own dream. Some want to be doctors. Others hope to be scientists. My dream is to become a teacher. Teachers can not teach us many things at school, but they do their best to teach us how to learn. Thanks to them, we

I live on the second floor of a quiet community. My parents are both doctors and they work hard every day. I am a middle school student. I work hard at my study so I can always get good grades. I am friendly, kind, warm-hearted and generous. I often | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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