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I can clean the room .(改为一般疑问句) Can you clean the room? My favourite food is beef .(对划线部分提问)(是划线部分) What's your favourite food? It's Friday today.(对划线部分提问)(Friday) What day is it today? Our new math

Is Miss Zhang a tall girl.

miss zhang is neither too tall nor too short

W ho is she?

Is Miss Zhang speaking English to the man? No, she isn't.

你好~否定形式:Miss White is not tall or thin.

1. Miss Zhang is not much tall or much short,neither. 1.Miss Zhang is tall or short.2.What does George looke like?3. He_has not_long curly hair.4. He often_helpes_ his mother do the cooking.

1. is going to give 2. enjoyed ourselves 3. How long; stay in 4. Where; going 5. Who, you; with

Miss Zhang isn't my teacher. 或Miss Zhang is not my teacher.诚意解答,希望有帮助,祝你快乐进步每一天.你的采纳是我们答题的动力有疑问请追问O(∩_∩)O

1.She can't play the pipa.Can she play the pipa?Yes, she can.No, she can't.2.Chen Jie doesn't like reading books.Does Chen Jie like reading books?Yes, he/she does.No, he/ she doesn't.3.I don't have PE on Mondays.Do you have PE on Mondays | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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