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名词性物主代词,顾名思义,就是后面加名词的代词罗~名词性物主代词起名词的作用. its造句: It's its. 是它的. 名词性物主代词=形容词性物主代词+名词 如:The dog likes playing its bowl. 小狗喜欢玩它的碗. 为避免重复使用名词,有时可用

首先得知道什么是名词性物主代词比如:(第一人称单数 my mine 我的 第二人称单数 your yours 你的 第三人称单数 his his 他的(阳性) her hers 她的(阴性) its its 它的 第一人称复数 our ours 我们的 第二人称复数 your yours 你们的 第三人称复数 their theirs 他们的、她们的、它们的)/给你些例子:we love our motherland. 我们热爱我们的祖国. 2. 名词性物主代词起名词的作用.

its名词性物主代词: One day a duck visited a friend of its 希望能帮到你

我..知..道 加..我..私..聊

myMy favourite animal is dog.yourGive me your books,please.hisHis name is Edword.herHer hair is long and brown.itsThis is my dog.Its name is Tom.ourOur teacher is beatiful,we like her.their These are their lunch boxer.yourYour toys are fluffy,I like them.

its name is Ketty

we often clean our classroom.what is your father?Their names are Sam and Amy.我就会这三个

一楼先搞清楚什么叫形容词性物主代词!!形容词性物主代词有:my(我的),your(你的、你们的),our(我们的),his(他的),her(她的),its(它的),their(他们的). 形容词性物主代词具有形容词的特性,常放在名词前面作定语,表明该名词所表示的人或物是\"谁的\". 造句就简单了吧:Is that your bike? My mother is at home.His father is a teacher.

形容词性物主代词my,your ,our ,its ,her,his,This is my book.This is your book,that is mine.Where is your pen.This pen is yours.The cat is eating its food.The dog is so angry because the food is its.Her coat is so beautiful.The pen is hers.His father is

There is a's not his,it's hers. 顺便说一句 It's hers ball, please give her这个句子是错的.

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