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invitation n.邀请, 招待 invitation [7invi5teiFEn] n.邀请, 招待 invitation AHD:[n”v-t“sh…n] D.J.[7!nv!6te!.*n] K.K.[7!nv!6te.*n] n.(名词) The act of inviting.邀请:邀请的行为 A spoken or written request for someone's


invitation: [ .invi'tein ] n. 邀请Examples:1. Thank you for your kind invitation. 谢谢你的盛情邀请.2. She may be offended if you don't reply to her invitation. 她请你, 你要是不回个信儿就可能把她得罪了.3. I am only too glad to accept your kind

名词 ,邀请. [(+to)][+to-v]She received an invitation to the party. She received an invitation to attend the party.

邀请名词 1. 邀请 2.请帖动词 :引诱;招致


invite 是动词"我请你吃饭"用inviteinvitation是名词我给你张邀请(请贴)

invitation是名词,表示请帖或请柬,如:Aunt Mary hasn't received the invitation.invite是动词,表示邀请.I haven't invited Aunt Mary.inviting是形容词,表示“吸引人的”.This cake is really inviting.希望我能帮助你解疑释惑.

invitation [,invi'tein] n. 邀请;引诱

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