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interacting 是不及物动词 interact 的现在分词形式,意思主要指:人与人之间的互动,事物与事物之间的相互影响.所以,其常见介词搭配便是:with

interacting是现在分词或动名词 interaction 是名词

interacting 相互作用~~~“知道”情结,“芝麻”乐园! 满意的话请点击“满意”【采纳】


interacting和interaction的区别? 我要提问 interacting和interaction的区别? 匿名 分享到微博 提交回答 1 问: 什么是互动营销?互动行销?互动广告?网络营销? 答: 互动营销:就是以覆盖在各地的渠

openly美 ['opnli]英 ['pnli]adv.公开地;毫不隐瞒地 公然;公然地;坦率地例句筛选1.Once a member stops interacting openly with others, the group's influence is allthat matters.一旦成员停止公开与其他人相处融洽,小组的影响是所有那事态.2.Even though this grey zone is always there, it is usually not talked about openly.灰色区域总是存在的,不过我们通常也不会对其进行公开讨论.

Phonology is the study of how sounds are organized and used in natural languages.Discussion The phonological system of a language includes an inventory of sounds and their features, and rules which specify how sounds interact with each other.

动词ing形式做主语,称为动名词.“Interacting with others ”作主语,“by exercising diverse areas of the brain”作方式状语,这样句子结构就明了了.希望能帮到你再看看别人怎么说的.

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应该是you are kidding吧,这是开玩笑的意思

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