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i wAnnA lovE you

内个是是美男啊的插曲,Lovely day朴信惠唱的

i wanna love you foreverby jessica simpson听听是这个吗

Dilemma (Kelly) I love you and I need you Nelly, I love you, I do, Need you No matter what I


I Want To "I Love You " .My Gril

是taylor swift的歌taylor swift - beautiful eyes your beautiful eyes stare right into mine eyesand sometimes our eyes i think of you late at night i dont know why eyesi wanna be somewhere where you are i wanna be where you're here your eyes are

Don't wanna say I love you

是这个吗?英文的?I Wanna Love You -- Akon [Akon:] ConvictMusicand you know we a front. [Chorus: Akon] I see you windin n grindin up on that pole, I kno u see me lookin' at you and you already kno I wanna love you, you already know I

1.without you baby--宝贝,不能没有你.2.Life couldn't get better--生活如此美好(生活没有比这更好的了)3.a holiday--一个假期4.I wanna thank you,baby--亲爱的,5.I love you baby,and i'm never gonna st

I wanna kiss you coz I love you

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