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set me free ,diplo ,百威2015广告歌


你好!背景音乐:Diplo - Set Me Free 试听歌曲:1分钟后开始听仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

是不是歌曲:set me free 歌手:Diplo


出自Diplo的《Set Me Free

set me free - diploset me freestorm come when i look up to the sky babyi feel freedomand it's all gone like sun up in the skythat's my feelingthing shakes bom bom ring set me freewinded it up winded it up 1 2 3thing shakes bom bom ring set me

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歌曲名:Set Me Free歌手:diplodiplo - Set Me FreeHey Mom, hey dadDon't get madThe time has come to let go of your girlIt was good while it lasted, but now I am past itAnd nothing's gonna change itI won't returnYou want me to shut upI'm tired off

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