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EAstEr holiDAys ___(BE)A wEEk long.填什么 为什么

will be

WHEN I was a kid, the Easter holidays in Australia 25___was__(be) my favorite time of the year. 26___As__ ___soon__ __as__ they began in April, my family would head straight to the beach for a weekend of camping.

复活节(主复活日)是一个西方的重要节日,在每年春分月圆之后第一个星期日。基督徒认为,复活节象征着重生与希望,为纪念耶稣基督于公元30到33年之间被钉死在十字架之后第三天复活的日子。 复活节是西方传统的节日,公元325年尼西亚宗教会议规...

I can`t wait for the Easter holidays,()round Europe. 是一个句子 ,只能有一个谓语,如果填 I`ll travel或 I`m traveling ,导致一个句子有两个谓语 (wait 和 travel) ,语法错误。 此处只能填traveling ,traveling round Europe。作伴随...

小题1:Seven小题2:They closed小题3:Because it comes at a time when children are not at school.小题4:Midway(中间)between August and Christmas小题5:Yes. 试题分析:这篇短文主要介绍了英国的银行假日包括复活节,圣诞节,五一节,春季银...

填:Christmas holiday 圣诞节假期There are three main school holidays in the UK. They are the Easter holiday,the summer holiday and Christmas holiday. 英国的学校有三个主要的假期是:复活节假期、暑假和圣诞节假期。

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