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be familiar to 为…所熟悉;被某人熟悉 be前面加sth,to后面加sb,sth be familiar to sb,例句 concepts that are familiar to our development team are quietly assumed to be familiar to everyone.仅对于开发团队熟悉的概念被无声的强加在所有人头上.be familiar with 熟悉,精通 例句 the operater must be familiar with this detail .操作者必须熟悉这一细节.注意究竟是谁熟悉谁.

1. 公文,文件2. 证件,单据

present occupation 目前职业 [例句]Aren 't you happy with your present occupation?你对目前的工作不满意吗?

self-documenting code自记录代码,就是在代码里,存有 documentation

document[英]['dkjmnt][美][dkjmnt]n.(计算机)文档,证件; 公文; vt.证明; 记录; 为…提供证明; 第三人称单数:documents过去分词:documented复数:documents现在进行时:documenting过去式:documented

proposed system 建议系统 例句1.Finally, the proposed system is placed in context within the domain model bydocumenting which role interactions the system will support.最后,通过记录系统将支持哪些角色交互,将所提出的系统放置于域模型的

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Reality television is a genre of television programming which generally is unscripted,documenting actual events over fiction, and featuring "ordinary" people over professional actors. Although the genre has been featured since early years of

photographer 英[ftgrf(r)] 美[ftrfr] n. 摄影师;摄影家;照相师 名词复数:photographers [例句]Photographer gideon mendel has been documenting floods around the world for some time now.一段时间以来,摄影师吉迪恩孟德尔一直在用他的镜头记录世界各地的水灾.

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