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BE gooD At是什么意思

擅长于,与do well in和be strong in可以互换。

be good at 英 [bi: ɡud æt] 美 [bi ɡʊd æt] v.擅长; 健; 精通; 熟谙 例句: No, I knew it was something I was going to be good at. 不,我知道那是我擅长的东西。 Viruses tend to be good at surviving when a computer sys...

be good at doing sth.擅长做某事。


be good at 英[bi: ɡud æt] 美[bi ɡʊd æt] v. 擅长; 健; 精通; 熟谙; [例句]You have to be good at spotting trouble on the way and heading it off. 你必须善于发现潜在的麻烦并加以化解。


be not good at 是 不擅长 做什么事。 反义词是:be good at(do well in)意思是 擅长做什么事。 类似造句: 我不擅长打网球。 I am no good at it. 我对它不擅长。 My sister is no good at arithmetic. 我妹妹不擅长算术。 Lack of talent or...


be good at doing 擅长做某事; 擅长于做某事; 擅长于; 擅长做 1 Only through repeated practice can one be good at doing things. 只有通过反复的练习,你才能擅长一件事。 2 Park said the good sign is the contract parties are happy medi...

标准答案: be good for是对……有好处 be good at是擅长…… be good with是跟……友好

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