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it is said that the english test of college entry examinatin will be reformed once again.

你好 Napoleon, as a character in Tolstoy's War and Peace, is more than once described as having “fat little hands.” 拿破仑,这一托尔斯泰笔下著作《战争与和平》中


做阅读理解和完形填空,是考查综合水平的题目,平时积累一些解题方法也是非常必要的.下面我来说说我的建议: 在做阅读理解和完形填空过程中,要做到如下几步:


我突然听到一个大象哭了,仿佛害怕我看立即意识到有问题,跑下来到附近的银行的优势在那里,我看见她的三个马隋个月大的小牛在快速上升的水里挣扎,它是生命的殊死斗争,她的小腿是浮动恐惧和尖叫马大将被接近对岸她可以得到, 持有

Dear mother, How's everything going at home I miss you and dad very much. I am pretty good in school, so you and dad do not have to worry about me. I am a senior student in high school so that I am busy with my study all the ti.

64. The underlined word “engage” in Para.4 probably means ______.答案A. explore 探讨 The real reason why I ask students to leave technology at the door is that I think

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