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it is said that the english test of college entry examinatin will be reformed once again.

Dear mother,How's everything going at home I miss you and dad very much.I am pretty good in school, so you and dad do not have to worry about me. I am a senior student in high school so that I am busy with my study all the time. I work hard to

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1.上海博物馆在一九九六年最终成形.(take shape )the Shanghai Museum finally we should try our best to preserve it from extinction6.据说Tom没参加高考就被北京大学录


2016全国1卷英语参考例文如下:Dear Ms Jenkins,I'm Li Hua from your English writing class last term. I'm writing to ask for your help. I'm applying for a part-time job at a foreign company in my city during the summer vacation, and I have just

Five years ago, when I taught art at a school in Seattle, I used Tinkertoys as a test at the beginning of a term to find out something about my students. 五年前,当我在西雅图一个中学教授美术课时,在一个学期的开始,我用万能工匠作为一个测试

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