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Since June 29, 2007, since the first-generation Apple phone listing, its influence gradually throughout all levels of our lives.Its world is mainly manifested in the following five aspects.A new man-machine interactive experience - iPhone screen virtual

cheng_zeng35 的翻译可以直接用就OK了,完全没问题

First of all, your English is not standard, I will let you hear what is true and pure English, please practice more. In addition, please don't do this, please remember, you do let people hate! Need I say it second times?!

I in this prequel "Hobbit" in the film version had been anticipating. After the release of the film the unable to hold oneself back to go to the cinema to watch. First of all, the film opens with flashback describes the aging Baggins memories of past

How are you. Summer coming to an end, I want to go back to school. Next year I will be very busy learning. I may not like regular Internet access. But I hope that every time the Internet can see your letter. I will tell you. Nice to meet you. I hope you remember me. Welcome to China to play.

people. will. leave. if they. had. too. much. dispointment .In. the end, I hardly. ignore. his. thought, even don't speak to him and. run out playing with others. I stay away from him by. kinds of excuses, and he just leave me like this. In the end 'end,we even

Hello,My friend is going back home for the spring festival in days,in case that I lose touch with him,so I asked him to pay the money for me today,Please check it out that if you recive the money,total XXX US dollars,paying account OOO.You don't have

Hi, I've looked the picture that you sent to me. There is a problem with the package. Usually the BOSS logo on the package come with 2 different color, Gold & silver, if there is no special request from the customer, we will assorted the package. In the

At the World Cup on Germany in 2006, Huang emerging "voice, slip of the tongue, loss and disorder" and "door to explain," Event to the parties caused by a very bad influence, provided a rational P.E workers the opportunity to consider. With

With the fact that our country national economy continuing for , developing speedily, resident's investment wish and modern times the concept managing money matters strengthens , the finance serves need diversifying also gradually , individual

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