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I like sweet drinks, and so does him. But I like strawberry flavor only, while he likes strawberry flavor or apple flavor. 加标点一共26个字母,不知是不是你想要的答案。



如果语义表达需要,当然可以用。比如: So, if teachers and students are interested in a new project or program, the principal will consider their proposal. So, it seems like we can do nothing but wait until the teacher comes in.


Peter and I love playing computer games, but our parents don't allow us to play games. So, we needs to adandon this bad habit.

两个并列的主语从句之间是否一定要用连词连接,可不可以省略?请帮忙分析问题补充里新概念里的句子成分。It is said that the nerve poison is the more primitive of the two, that the blood poison is, so to speak, a newer product from an...

and:和;而且;又;然后 表示联合,意为“和”、“又”、“而且”: We were cold and hungry. 我们饥寒交迫。连接两个形容词。 I woke up and got out of bed. 我醒了就起床了。连接两个动作。 He played the piano and she sang. 他弹钢琴,她唱歌...

Candy can dance and sing a song in the show.

I am not so good at singing. And I can't sing in the show.

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