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我的房子不大也不小 这句子用英语怎么写?谢谢!好评

my house is suit。

I love my house very much. --精锐八佰伴K老师

Here is going to build a house. 这将要建一栋房子

If I have fifty thousand yuan, i want to buy a house for myself.

You can destroy my house, my equipment, but you can't break a fact, I am iron man. (你可以摧毁我的房子,我的装备,但是你摧毁不了一个事实,我是钢铁侠)

My bedroom(我的房间) My room is small but very beautiful,there is a big bed,a TV setin front of the bed,there is a desk in front of the TV set,there is a computer,there are two windows in the room,with curtains. This is my ro...

アパートは、もう贷し出しちゃいました。 アパートは、もう贷し出しちゃった。 前者比较客气,如果是比较抱歉的语气的话,(比如拒绝一个新的租户), 可以再加一个道歉的,比如申し訳ございません。 后者呢,就像和关系近的人说的感觉。

为您解答 There's no house on the right side.

Our dad likes to cook in our house

I walk towards that house.

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