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In this semester, through the systematic learning of 'critical thinking' is I have mastered a lot of new knowledge and skills. I think the biggest gain I gain is to learn how to debate the right.. Now, I have been able to skill...

Please arrange shipment as soon as possible.

Increase our interest in English. 希望能够帮到你,有问题请及时追问呦~~Q-Q

你好,翻译应该是The teacher put us into many groups,答题不易,望采纳,谢谢

The customer has known the related situation. Additionally, the annual usage is around 50 kilograms.

Is it OK that we effect delivery this week? Your reply at the earliest will be appreiciated. (说话者为卖家) Can we expect the goods to be delivered this week? Your reply as soon as possible will be appreciated. (说话者为买家)

because it'll be used when delivering the goods separately 你可以在这个基础上再完善下哈

if anything changes,we will keep you informed.

好好照顾自己翻译为 take good care of yourself 可以,但祝你幸福,兄弟们翻译的就不好了,完全是中国式的英语,应该为Best wishes to you或I wish you all the best

亲爱的,你已经走了这么远,努力了那么久,千万别缩回身,活成你曾经最看不起的样子。 译成英语是 Honey, you've come this far, efforts for so long, do not shrink back, to live the way you used to look down upon.

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