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RESUMEName: *** Age: 35 Birthplace: Hengnan ,Hunan ProvinceEducational Level: Undergraduate Title: Middle School first-degrre teacher Mandarin level: Upper Second English: CET-6 (verbal fluency) Telephone; Learning experience: 1993 -

Self assessment: good communication skill. Like setbacks, from a centralized examine yourself and enhance their own, and can independently or with team members will open its difficulties convert power "road" and the new project. Like

E-mail: Address:Work experience: Employment Employer Position 2008-2009 Attendant/Server/, watching moviesSkills: English proficiency - level 1 Computer skills - level 1Profile and Self-assessment:I am cheerful, prudent, and I am highly

ResumeBasic personal informationName SexDate of Birth Place of originMembers of political landscapeEthnic ChineseGraduation School GraduationTelJob objectivesHillock of one monthEducation and training backgroundEducationThe Branch

1)Based on Parts worship kind of book into the daily inspection of electronic components2)Technical assistance personnel of the Department of Quality Parts of the problem3)Domestic and overseas Parts quality status tracking and reviewing and

Job Target: English teacher Majors: Intensive English, Spoken English, English audio-visual, business-site interpreters, Business English, international trade theory and practice.Awards and honors:National Business English a certificate

bear the palm :People's scholarship, business excellent member prize, business outstanding student, the school to the Red Cross outstanding members Campus post: The Red Cross chapter minister: responsible for undergraduates members of the

Familiar with the C / C + + language, assembly language, can skillfully use of C / VC + + and other programming tools; proficient in Windows operation, familiar with the Office of office automation software, Smartdraw and AutoCAD software; solid

Major in college learning skills: during the university English four levels, learning through the German basic knowledgeMastering the basic theory and application of computer technologySelf-study shandong university financial and economic

with original ideas and strong sense of market awareness,市场意识敏感;创意丰富,执行力强做事专注;英文口语标准流利,可作为工作语言 Of concentrative and active working style

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