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是attach把,我觉得你很重要.attach importance to sb,认为某人很重要

I used to think that's my youth: an arbitrary and free life. Later on, I found myself wrong. Parents went disappointed upon me, for I had gone far away from their expectation. From little by little, I got the idea of responsibility. I began to know that I'm

您好 I am very ordinary, not extraordinary talent, without the grace of fate, the reality and ideals of the total separated from me, the world is not fair? But I know that there is an intrinsic I immoderation, a longing to be free, all-powerful, I am convinced

This paper introudces in detail about system structure desige,realization method and operation process of the online campus supermaket ,and introudces the main function of each module and database design of the website.The website can

A Chinese student lent a book to American friend and stressed that the first part of the book is very wonderful, urged him to finish reading it as soon as possible, The friend answered him but we are getting ahead of the story. The Chinese student


1. ASUSTek computer Inc公司的DVD恢复光盘(应该是电脑的那种重装盘)2. 这些产品的支持/维修由 Asustek computer Inc公司提供3. nero是一种刻盘的软件.这个软件是一家叫Nero的公司生产的(Nero develops and distributes the world's leading digital media solutions for consumers and professionals. Nero公司面向大众和专业人士,生产并销售世界顶级的电子传媒产品)

The Boeing Company is the global leader in space and aeronautic industry,and the largest manufacturer of commercial and military air-crafts/jetliners. Nevertheless, the Boeing Company designs and produce rotorcrafts, electronic and defense

根据你的发音,只能翻译成这样了,实在太多错字了. 大概意思就是: 我喜欢这个女人 , 不可以,说起那个女人绝对不是好女人(是坏女人),而且那女人比较小(岁数) 满意请采纳,不满意请追问~

直接翻译是:人谁知道如何获得最佳的出自己得到最好的人. 意思是:有谁能分辨出如何获得最佳的是自己要得到最好的人.

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