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i hate u i love u

应该是这首吧: 曲名:I Love You 歌手:Faith Evans 专辑:Faithfully My heart belongs to you So what could I do To make you feel I’m down with You see me hangin around But you don’t know how you make me feel for you, and Each and...

GNash feat. Olivia O'Brien - I Hate U I Love U

#GUN-"I miss you, I love you" (featuring Jessi) 是Show Me the Money 5中的歌曲。

Stacie Orrico 的 Stuck

dilemma---nelly kelly rowland

I love you You hate me We're a dysfunctional family With a great big hug and a punch from me to you Won't you say you hate me too I love you You hate me We're so stressed like family should be With a great big punch and a kiss ...

No Matter WhatBoyzoneNo matter what they tell usNo matter what they doNo matter what they teach usWhat we believe it's trueNo matter what they call usHowever they attackNo matter where they take usWe'll find our own way backI c...

i hate you ,i love you 我恨你,我爱你 But I hate you, I love you also can not stop. 但是我恨你,我也无法停止爱你。

Rihanna的Hate that i love you 吧,专辑是:《good girl gone bad》

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