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连接 英文

连接 n. connection, copulation v. link, join, attach

你好! 把。。与。。连接 The.. And.. The connection


与…相连接 And... Phase connection 与…相连接 And... Phase connection

连接 n. connection, copulation v. link, join, attach

connect Chinese and English

为你解答。 1、While being questioned, he admitted breaking into six houses. 2、Before being shown around the house, they were given a cup of tea. 3、Before being given the test, we were allowed to do some revision. 4、After bei...

英语中连字符的用法如下: 连字符常用在一些复合词中。如: tea-break 上午或下午吃茶点的休息时间 green-house 温室(如无连字符则意谓“绿色的房子”) get-together 聚会(如无连字符则变为动词短语) father-in-law 岳父 twenty-five 25 H-bomb 氢...

A related to B,与B相关的A。connect A and B, connect A to B, 是连接A和B。contact with/keep in contact with, 人与人之间的保持联系。link A and B,把A和B连接,数学中连接AB两点用link.


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