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这不是独一无二吗? unique 科比是最好的球员,没有之一 kobe is the best basketball player,he is unique.

翻译这个句子不代表我赞成你的观点。至少我帮你翻译这个句子说明我是个好人,而且我是男的。HEHE.... There's no even one good man among all the male. All male are gone bad except onone. The last man who deserves the word "good" were ...

看这是在什么情况下用了,楼上的那些答案都不错。 没关系可以用: Don't worry about it, No problem, Relax, Don't sweat it, It's okay...等方法来表达,(基本上可以说,从前往后,最正式到最随意,根据情况 Calm down也可以放在“没关系”的位...

没有意义做某事 Have no meaning to do something it is meaningless to do sthThere is no point doing sth 1.there is no point(in) doing sth 2.There is no use(in) doing sth3.there is no sense (in) doing sth

英文:Nothing can be solved by a hot pot. If so, two meals. 中文:没有什么事是一顿火锅解决不了的,如果有,那就两顿。 扩展资料谚语的英文翻译: A bad beginning makes a bad ending. 恶其始者必恶其终。 A bad bush is better than the ...

没错,她的原文应该是这样: ... there is no such thing as 'American English'. There is the English language and there are mistakes.

我多么希望这一切都没有发生过 How I wish I could get all of these back to right the way they were.

翻译如下 现在教室里一个学生都没有 There is not any student in the classroom now.

翻译如下 没有一个人喜欢他 No one likes him. 例句 庄内没有一个人喜欢那人,因为他是一个无耻的伪君子。 No one in the village likes the man because he is a shamelesshypocrite.

没有家用 No home 没有家用 No home

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